Are you the owner of a luxury property that is not living up to your needs? Perhaps you are planning to buy the perfect London home, but can't find the specifications you expect in your preferred location?

That's why you call london Plus Services. Over the last few years, we have renovated houses and apartments in prime London locations around Kensington and West London, to make them into the type of home that an buyer expects. We understand that buying a home at London prices can often be frustrating, and how to fix it? Here is the answer...


At London Plus , we work with specialists who can design and make and install custom-made luxury furnishings, complete home automation and audio/visual packages, or add specialist security systems from secure storage to 24hr safe rooms.. Our knowledge of the market is exceptional, and we can add features to your home that are unique and personalised.


Projects we handel but not limited to:

  • Mordernising Old Decor
  • Airconditioning
  • New bathrooms
  • Adding Security Features
  • New Kitchens
  • Custom wardrobes & Beds
  • Utility Areas


Here at London Plus Services, we are there for you at all hours ready to attend to any type of domestic emergency.

Working on any job too big or small, we offer emergency services for Landlords in around London with fast and instant solutions. With team of local qualified engineers, we have been providing professional services for last 3 years. we are happy to help with jobs of all sizes with prices per hour.